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Senate Bodies

The Bureau

After electing the President, the Senate elects the Bureau at its following sitting. The Bureau comprises four Vice-Presidents who chair debates from time to time and represent the Senate at public ceremonies, deputising for the President; three Quaestors, who are jointly responsible for the security, budget and financial accounts of the Senate; twelve Secretaries, who assist the President during sittings, read bills and other documents that must be transmitted to the Senate, call the roll, confirm the results of votes and compile the records of public sittings.
The number of Secretaries may be increased as provided for by the Rules. The Bureau is the ultimate authority on administrative and disciplinary issues. Acting on a recommendation of the President of the Senate, the Bureau appoints a Secretary General, who is responsible for the Senate staff.
The activities of the Senate Bureau and the Board of Quaestors are made public through the regular publication of a Bulletin of Collegiate Bodies.

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